The percentage of investors short on Norwood Financial Corp. (NASDAQ: NWFL) fell 36.4%.

In October, the number of short positions held on Mondi plc decreased significantly (OTCMKTS: MONDY). There was total short interest of 21,800 shares as of October 31, down 36.3% from the volume of 34,200 shares that were sold short the previous day. As a result, the current day-to-cover ratio is 0.5 days, calculated on the basis of an average daily trading volume of 44,100 shares. This number was obtained after considering historical data.

MONDY stock price hit an all-time high of $37.25 on Friday. The stock price moving averages over the past 50 and 200 days are currently $32.83 and $35.48, respectively. Moreover, the price of Mondi has ranged between $29.34 and $53.71 over the past 52 weeks, with a low of $29.34 and a high of $53.71.
Several relevant industry analysts have provided their comments regarding the company in question. JPMorgan Chase & Co. revealed in a report distributed Thursday, Nov. 3 that they had reduced their price target on Mondi from GBX 1,868 ($21.51) to GBX 1,760 ($20.26). On Friday, October 7, Credit Suisse Group announced that it had lowered its price target for Mondi from 1,940 GBX ($22.34) to 1,800 GBX ($20.73), reflecting the current market trajectory. Finally, in a report released Thursday, October 13, Morgan Stanley raised its previous rating for Mondi from “equal weight” to “overweight.” After researching the company’s stock, six analysts concluded it should be bought. Information from indicates that the company is currently considered to have a consensus Buy rating and the average price target is $1,753.33.
Additionally, the company just announced a dividend which, once paid, was distributed on October 14th. On Friday, August 26, dividend payments of $0.3932 per share were paid to record shareholders who were entitled to them. As a result, the dividend yield amounts to 3.41% of the total value. Thursday, August 25 was the last day dividends were distributed before they were discontinued.

Mondi plc is a manufacturer and distributor of paper goods and packaging in Africa, Western Europe, Emerging Europe, Russia, North America, South America, Asia and Australia. The company is headquartered in the UK. Africa, Western Europe and emerging European markets are its primary target audience. It participates in a variety of markets, including those for uncoated fine paper, technical materials, corrugated packaging and flexible packaging, among others. Papers for office and professional printing, specialty kraft and kraft papers for bags, packaging boards, release liners, functional films, corrugated solutions, industrial bags, barrier coatings and papers for personal care products are just some of the products that this company offers for purchase. . Other products include papers for printing on professional equipment, specialty kraft papers and kraft papers for bags, as well as containerboards.

Robert D. Coleman