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Longevity.Technology’s Dedicated Platform for Longevity Investors: Now Approved for US, UK and Other Eligible Investor Countries

Today we are announcing the launch of the world’s first longevity investing platform to a wider range of accredited investors. Through the platform, eligible investors can access the latest longevity investing offers, as well as detailed information on over 500 longevity companies, information on specific longevity markets, daily news, alerts and in-depth videos on exciting companies in space.

Register or login to the investment portal HERE.

To understand our longevity investing thesis, see our recent article on defining longevity – there are already several live investing offerings in these categories on the platform.

The investment portal is intended for accredited investors such as venture capitalists, institutional investors, family offices, high net worth and ultra high net worth investors.

If you want to join other small investors in participating in longevity deals (alongside VCs, family offices and other approved investment firms), we will soon be launching our SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) service. : you can register your interest here.

Longevity.Tech: The longevity sector is rapidly becoming one of the hottest new investment markets, attracting top investors like Christian Angermayer and Jeff Bezos, companies like Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital and Bold Capital Partners, as well as the venture capital arms of major pharmaceutical companies. We spoke to CEO and Founder of Longevity.Technology, Phil Newman, about what makes longevity such a great investment opportunity.

Newman has long believed that longevity should evolve from a movement to an industry, and it was this belief that led him to launch Longevity.Technology.

“I felt there was an opportunity to address both the scientific and commercial advances that were starting to happen to build investor confidence and help industry players feel like they were part of something. defined,” he said. “We launched Longevity.Technology in September 2019. Since then, we have grown rapidly, and our ambition now is to really help the sector grow by facilitating investment.

Longevity investing will double in 2022

Newman points out that longevity investing activity is recovering rapidly.

“In 2021, the $3.8 billion invested in longevity was more than double the investment in 2020,” he says. “With $4.1 billion already invested in longevity businesses in 2022, and despite the corrections we are seeing in venture capital markets, we expect this year’s numbers to see a further sharp increase over 2021. .”

Longevity venture capital investment ($M)

Analysis of longevity venture capital investments ($M) by Longevity. Technology, according to funding data from Pitchbook Data as of June 01, 2022

With the platform going live today, Newman says details of new offerings on the platform will be announced in the coming days.

“We have some really interesting and exciting opportunities to share with investors,” he says. “We have a cutting-edge diagnostics company and ready-to-go brain health technology, and many more! We have been very keen to open up to US investors and I am delighted to say that we are now allowed to do so.

To help investors with more than just transaction opportunities, Longevity.Technology’s market intelligence unit in-depth analyzes 500 longevity-specific companies

“The datasets we build identify specific longevity areas and investment traction of these companies – this gives us a unique advantage in identifying serious longevity companies and building relationships with investors,” says Newman. “The longevity market is poised for explosive growth: the longevity business opportunity has already begun. Everyone is very excited about cellular reprogramming and rejuvenation – we analyze these new areas of longevity to educate the market and help fund more exciting longevity ventures.

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