CLNE stock: 8 reasons why clean energy investors are feeling optimistic today

Clean energy (NASDAQ:CLNE) shares rise Wednesday after the company’s RNG Day webcast for investors.

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Let’s review this presentation below to see what got investors in CLNE shares excited today!

  • The RNG Day event showcased the company’s strategic and financial plans for the next five years.
  • This includes setting up a methane capture digester at Millenkamp Dairy in Jerome, Idaho.
  • Millenkamp Dairy is one of the largest dairy farms in the United States
  • Clean Energy expects this operation to supply it with five million gallons of ultra-low-carbon RNG each year.
  • This will be used for the company supply network.
  • It also specifies that this project is being developed as part of the company’s joint venture with BP (NYSE:BP).
  • Clean Energy also plans to give more details about its plan for the next five years during a presentation.
  • This includes opportunities in various states for RNG production.

Andrew J. Littlefair, President and CEO of Clean Energy, said the following in the press release reinforcing CLNE stock today.

“With a reduction in carbon emissions of up to 500%, RNG is the epitome of renewable energy. It has enormous potential for sustainable transportation, so we are focusing on a pathway to increase both production and distribution of this carbon-negative fuel.

CLNE stock is also seeing intense trading today alongside the company’s announcements. This has around 9 million shares changing hands at the time of this writing. That’s quite a jump from its average daily volume of around 3.6 million shares.

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